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Wild West Tesla

by Winni Wintermeyer on January 10, 2015

teslapanoA trip to the high desert of Nevada to visit the site where Tesla is building a gigantic battery factory. Lots of dirt and heavy machinery, a kid’s Tonka truck dream coming true. Nestled away from prying eyes I hike the surrounding hills at sunrise for an overview – watching wild horses in the distance passing by newly built distribution centers. The Old West meets the new New Frontier. Highlight of the day was meeting Lance Gilman, who brokered the deal between Tesla and the industrial center he manages. Stetson wearing, with a big infectious laughter, he proudly wears a piece of jewelry around his neck in the shape of the state of Nevada. Somehow it felt like being transported onto the set of an episode of Bonanza. It’s quite an interesting read how Tesla made their way into Nevada with all these Western States hoping to get their business. Find it here on the Fortune magazine website.

lance-gilman   lance-gilman-portrait







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