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Gerhard Richter

by Winni Wintermeyer on September 9, 2008

Gerhard Richter's Lesende, 1994 mit Betrachterin, 2008

Taken at the SFMOMA. There’s a great story in the Guardian about Richter’s paintings. Here’s a quote:
“I consider belief of every kind, from astrology to every elevated religion and all great ideologies, to be superfluous and mortally dangerous,” Richter has said. “We no longer need such things. We ought to work out different strategies against misery and injustice, war and catastrophes.”
Another one out of his book “Portraits” published by Hatje Cantz:
“I don’t think the painter need either see or know his sitter. A portrait must not express anything of the sitters ‘soul,’ essence or character. Nor must a painter ‘see’ the sitter in any specific, personal way.”

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