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A trip to Alcatraz with George DeVincenzi

by Winni Wintermeyer on May 10, 2012

George DeVincenzi on AlcatrazGeorge DeVincenzi on Alcatraz

Took the ferry out to Alcatraz with George DeVincenzi¬†who was a prison guard there in the 50s. It was a perfectly rainy day, setting the mood and George had lots of great stories to share about his time on the island. He used to play checkers with the Birdman of Alcatraz and they had all kind of parties for staff and their families, including Halloween. I’m just hoping that when I get to be George’s age I’ll be this agile and energetic. Read up about him in the Finacial Times Magazine.

George DeVincenzi in Finacial Times Magazine

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